Who is God?

If we refer to the Bible, God is named differently and some religion even took his names in their Churches. For my explanations, « I am » is the most appropriate of the names.

The Spirit is One, living and eternal. It works by giving life to his works. It created by the Logos (or the Word) Creation and everything that lives there is One in Him. God is simply our Father and we are all brothers or sisters, this is our true parentage (Matthew 12:50). This is what Jesus wanted us to understand by his teaching (our family is not only one that is close to us).

Whenever you see something with your eyes, you think you see thousands of different things then that you no longer see the Being who supports them.  There is not a multiplicity of beings and things, there is the Father alone. It is all and all at the same time. Ignoring this reality brings more suffering in this world. Therefore, if you see another thing that God in Creation or of the different beings, it is that you contracted the virus "idolatry" (see text on the illusions).

There are two examples in the Bible that tell us the source of these suffering caused by ignorance and our separation from God; the story of the Prodigal Son who does not recognize the omnipotence of the Father wanting to live an independent life thus running the risk of death, and that of Adam and Eve who were not satisfied with their life and who sought "elsewhere", away from their father, something else... In other words, the man wanted to make his own law while moving away God from his life by ignorance of the operation of Creation and vainglory.

You should know that our Father is eternal while the bricks (animate and inanimate creatures and phenomena) are not eternal. They are born and die only change in appearance... In other words, if we see only the creation and creatures instead of God, we are in error. The senses are deceptive and that is why we cannot trust what we see.

Our Father asks us to believe in Him and that "it is not enough or not wanting to run" (Romans 9:16), because only He can bring our faith.  All sins shall be forgiven unto men except one (Matthew 12: 31-32), that do not believe that God is Spirit. To become child of God, it is simply necessary to recognize that he is our Father and creator and to understand what wants to say the name "I Am".

For some people, God is far removed from their daily lives even if they pray and believe in Him, because we live in the famous "tribulation" of modern world (see Mark 13:19). This ignorance of God causes people to no longer see God as He is, but to see many other things instead. To see God, just look at his work and see its power, its presence is eternal (see Wisdom 13).

For most people, God does not exist, because they do not have the visual or scientific evidence, they reject the very fact of its existence thinking that life was created by chance... For those who need evidence to believe in God, do not get me wrong, there will be no evidence.

In the past, some priests and some people had asked God for a sign despite the miracles of Christ, but they had no desire to recognize him as the Son of God, even if they were reading in the scriptures. The bad faith of these people was obvious. God always hears our prayers, but he has anticipated that everything be in place to respond scientifically to the demand. The sign (see text on the sign) asked in the past by priests will eventually seen by our generation.

Some religious and scientists are working to prove that God exists, repeating the same mistakes as Thomas and religious Jews. They do not understand that God is invisible (Wisdom 13:1-9) and that there will never be proof of his existence. God informs us by the history of Thomas (disciple of Jesus) which it is necessary to follow another way to arrive at Him (John 20:29). It must look inside us and not outside, read and understand His Word to find there the narrow road. The answers to all your questions are in the Bible, especially the Gospels.

We see the every day the miracles of science, but those of Jesus we do not see them. The only thing which mislays you far from your Father, it is the ignorance and the comprehension of the Writings. The truth was abandoned or was mingled with all possible sauces, preventing those which searches God of find him. We owe the knowledge and understand it in order to break this vicious circle to leave itself there.

Looking for the truth about God, because what is presented to you in this world "bell" and you seem unreal? Half of the way is made for those which believe.  It then remains not to be let mislay by the world, where the extraordinary one, the false and attractiveness rub shoulders the truth, and where the scientific marvels eclipse the miracles of Jesus. We must understand the Word without us to make take by the metaphors, the letters or the cares of this world (Matthew 13:21-22), because each day as it comes (Matthew 6:34) and that these concerns do not add a day more in our lives.

You are the heir to God and candidate to the eternal Life if you believe that it is well your Father and that you understand what its Name wants to say – "I am". The truth is that we live all in Him (Colossians 1:17) and that he is our Father who us gives the breath, the life and the movement. We are made ​​in His image (see text be born of the Spirit) and we are all a potential house. To believe that God is our Father does not require extraordinary studies or exploits, only to recognize him like such; the prayer par excellence to join him as the "Our Father" (Matthew 6: 9-13).

Stop running after the illusions of this world and take the time to read the Gospels, to understand and of living the Word. Do not fall into the trap of images and metaphors that use elements of the world to make visible what is invisible. When the house is clean and tidy by the Word, the Holy Spirit is shining again. If we had lost, it is because of this lack of knowledge.

We must live the teachings of Jesus who shows us the way (see the Ten Commandments).By these words, he tells us that we must pay attention to our thoughts, because they lead to actions and can make others suffer. They are also a part of God (even those who do evil in ignorance).

Invisible (see Wisdom 13: 1-9), God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth (John 4: 23-24)!