The little voice

Do you know this inner voice? The one who is telling us to avoid or to do certain things? Some of us listen to it, having already met a situation when the voice made them do the right thing; but others rarely or even never listen to it, having too many outer influences all around them. Did you ever experience a situation where the voice told you what to do to save your life, or simply to help you? Briefly, a thought that came just like that in your head, or near your heart? Well this voice is God’s voice!

When I listen to this voice, every time, it helps me avoid problems, right that moment or later. If I ignore it, it is way more complicated. For my health, my work, my personal life or anything, this voice ‘talks’ when I need it. Every time, I must listen to it, even if it’s message is brief and not that clear.

Some people have been saved and avoided an accident by listening to this little inner voice who was telling them what to do. Usually, it is telling us only a few words to warn and guide us; we must pay attention to understand the message, even more to listen to it.

During the Creation, God has put limits not to exceed, if we go further those limits, it is the shock. God is telling us to stay our own master and he can help us in some situations with the little voice. Some of us call it the sixth sense; I call it God, the Father.

Why? Because if you try to join him by praying to ask, or simply to talk, he can join you with this inner voice. Everything coming from God cannot hurt others or ourselves, so this voice will never give us directives to harm others. Be cautious about voices telling you to do things contrary to the commandments; it is probably your own spirit telling you to do bad things, learn to make the difference between the two.

When you are drowning in false ideas, or when you are in a difficult situation, there is someone inside you judging the problem to help you. This someone is the one you are finding refuge in; it is the one who helped you all your life long until now. Try to find him and never quit him; it is your Father!


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