The Fall of Adam and Eve


In the beginning, Adam and Eve (typical representation of man and woman) were living in a paradise, but by false thoughts that are symbolized by the serpent, chose to live an independent life. Thinking do better than God (see Genesis), this pride has driven them in an artificial world where everyone can live according to His law.

The history of the Prodigal son shows us that to live far from our Father is a death sentence, because it gives us the life, the breath and the movement. The return towards the Father is the only way to inherit the eternal life. 


Adam and Eve wanted to move away from God because they wanted another thing that what God proposed them, the knowledge of the Good and the Evil. One wonders well why since they were children of God in a paradise! But what they had not understood, it is that the things in creation are neither good neither bad, they are not (only images in the Spirit) and it is thus not necessary to evaluate (to weigh or think), to discriminate (see the text the double spirit and the illusions) the things and the creatures nor to change them. When we evaluate the creations of the Logos, we provoke the passions (attraction or of repulsion) and this illusion carries out us towards the fall. 


Since this time, the men and the women remake this same error. They fall at any moment while evaluating, while judging, while wanting to replace God, by considering that creation can be improved by the scientific wonders...  


We act as the sorcerer's apprentice in the history of Merlin, and we get to create all kinds of disasters and misfortunes (pollution, global warming, climate altered, etc.). We are already seeing the effects that generates anxiety over all the earth (the anguish of nations), because the power of heaven is shaken (Luke 21: 25-26) by our stupidity. 


The education of men and women is based on competition and has only one purpose: to make us work in a world built entirely by man. Jesus warned us with this sentence: "If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all and servant of all" (Mark 9: 35). The competition serves only the ego and to indicate to the others which we are better. We see it by the Olympic Games which gather since old times of people who only think of gaining by all the means. 


Actually, it is not the school which learns how to the child to suck his inch, to cry, laugh, go, speak or with living in the world. An animal knows what it must do for its survival according to its specie. But the man invented an illusory world based on the studies and the competition in order to be able to buy or sell. We imprisoned ourselves in a prison where the money is king. The prison is sometimes gilded for richest, but it is nevertheless a prison. 


This society requires us the human tradition, the famous 666 (Apocalypse 13: 16-18), the mark on the hand or forehead (manual or intellectual according to our aptitudes) and the education received allows us to live in society "the great Babylon "or money (Mammon) is master. You find on the internet many attempts to explain this figure, but the Bible despite its secrets remains simple and clear. 


Thanks to science, we see the end of humanity in face, because she invented "the fire that is not quenched" (the nuclear fire). It is a grave danger because the earth does not live in peace. This machine has "always wanting more" destroyed our environment by his inventions. Besides taking all that we can to the earth to enrich the companies, the world population grows bigger and it is clear that the earth will not be able to support many individuals. We head straight to a wall.

The Adversary in the Bible (2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4) is not far to seek, it is simply all that is against God and wants to take his place. It is an image of this aberration, like Satan and his demons are the image of our stupidity. But to see it, you must have your eyes open and have the view of "little children" and not be swayed by mirages!


The knowledge of Truth is completely blurred. We must therefore return to the source of free water of God. It is necessary to follow the Word that Jesus said and to understand it, to apply it in its life, to study it and think of it. It must open our eyes in spite of the difficulties in order to avoid the Fall.


Is this difficult? All depends on your desire to understand, to search the Truth, to be detached from the illusory world from Adam and Eve, from the things and the beings which compose it until more not seeing but one being: God.


We are the "houses" of which Jesus speaks: "In my Father's house, there are many mansions" (John 14: 2). If you want that your Father comes to live in your house, it is important to clean it by eliminating the impure spirit.


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