The anger

Jesus forbids the anger and there is a reason for that. These are the verses that relate to anger: " I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be in danger of being judged; and he who says to his brother, Raca, will be in danger from the Sanhedrin; and whoever says, You foolish one, will be in danger of the hell of fire " (Matthew 5:22).

When we have a fair view of reality (see 2 Maccabees 7:28), anger disappears by itself, because we cannot get angry against "images" or "ideas" that do not last. We need to take step back on the situation to regain control of ourselves.

If everyone has an "ego" or a "personality" unbearable, it is because of men's education based on competition, comparison. According to the world, being the first of all is better than being the last. Jesus warned his disciples, saying: "if any man has the desire to be first, he will be last of all and servant of all "(Mark 9:35). He said too " God sees your hearts: and those things which are important in the opinion of men, are evil in the eyes of God " (Luke 16:15). We are children of God and we are equal.  All kinds of competition are misconceptions.

The humans have become bad because they do not know what Reality is, because they have misconceptions. All these evil passions would not be if they had a fair view of Reality. Unfortunately, men cause great suffering undeserved around them and think their causes are just.

"...that which comes out of the man that makes the man unclean. Because from inside, from the heart of men, come evil thoughts and unclean pleasures, The taking of goods and of life, broken faith between husband and wife, the desire of wealth, wrongdoing, deceit, sins of the flesh, an evil eye, angry words, pride, foolish acts: All these evil things come from inside, and make the man unclean " (Mark 7:20-23) and " the world is in the power of the Evil One " (1 John 5:19).

These verses show us that evil comes from the heart of man, but there is a way to change the situation: follow the Ten Commandments and avoid focusing on what is happening in the world to the point of losing reason. As this world is bad because it follows a different path from that of God, we have no other choice but to change our heart.

When we have a problem or suffering, we must ask God to help us in prayer, like a child who asks his father to protect him. If we have an open mind, the answer will come sooner or later. The doors will open or close and we will know where to direct our steps.

The anger binds us to the world and we must separate ourselves from this link to go to meet the Lord.

"Have love for your neighbour as for yourself. There is no other law greater ". (Mark 12: 31)

This verse tells us that we should not make any difference between us and our neighbor.  Whoever has anger cannot enter the kingdom of God because of this lack of love that keeps us from seeing the Reality.

Ask God to help you get rid of your demons (anger, desire, envy, etc.): "And we have an assured confidence that whenever we ask anything in accordance with His will, He listens to us". (1 John 5:14)