Jacob's ladder

Jacob's ladder is a story, a picture to explain us the Word. As I already mentioned, God is invisible, so stories, metaphors and pictures are a way to make us understand the writings in the visible world. It's why I wanted to re-create a painting I saw on a website, to imagine the story.

The ladder is a picture you can use to represent Reality. We need to use these pictures to reveal what God is trying to tell us. If you don't use this tool, you will not understand. We need to learn to juggle with these thoughts and realities and not get caught by the letter.

The ladder represents the path that is invisible for our eyes from the sky to the earth, from the Spirit to the world. The ladder is of course the path to ascend and descend; the key is to understand that the sky means Spirit.

I make a parenthesis here to explain that the angels in this story represent messengers (in the Greek language), that can access both earth and sky, like Jesus did.

The word « angel » is used frequently to make us understand that a reality, a story, an event or a phenomenon is too complicated to describe or imagine. Thanks to angels, people understood what message Jesus and his apostles were trying to convey. But the danger is that « children » looks at the finger rather than the moon (when the wise man points to the moon, according to the proverb, the fool looks at the finger).

We need to understand that ascending and descending heaven is once again a metaphor. God is where the ladder is (Genesis 28: 13-17). Jesus also says that the ladder is also the Son of Man (John 1: 51). Information could circulate freely in between the sky (Spirit) and the Son of Man, who is on this earth. The sky shall be open, because the Son is the door to Heaven. : « I am the Door » (John 10: 9) and « Jesus said to him, I am the true and living way: no one comes to the Father but by me. » (John 14: 6). It is important to know that he is the only door. There is no other.

For you to climb the ladder!