You are born of the Spirit

What is the meaning of this sentence "born of the Spirit"? (John 3: 5-7) Jesus explains this phrase in different ways in the Gospels, but especially with the history of Nicodemus. (John 3: 3).

He tells us that we are born of the Spirit (John 1:12-13) and not by the will of man (or flesh) and that we are gods: "..., is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods?" But only for those to whom the Word was intended! (John 10:34)

God made us in His image (Genesis) and it is normal that we have the title, so we are his son and daughters. We live in Him: "for in him we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28).

What is a god?  A God is the one who does the will of his Father, follows his commandments and relies on him during his lifetime. This god (man or woman) is in control of himself at any time (Jesus' temptation in the desert shows the behavior that we have to have face our desires and bad ideas). He has no special powers as movie heroes and characters of stories. The image of a god in this world is different from what the word actually means (this false image comes from ancient Greece).

Jesus wants us to understand that we live in the Spirit (the good people and bad, at the moment, because one day God will change His creation), that everything is Spirit, because the Spirit created us and those who believe something else have a bad vision of reality because of the original error transmitted by our education. If we understand this, we say:

"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit" (John 3: 8), because we will be like Melchizedek: "Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever." (See Hebrews 7:3).

We hear our voices, but we cannot say where we come from and where we are going, we are like the wind, free, without borders or countries. Jesus is like that and all humans who are currently living on this earth.

So just remove the misconceptions of our thoughts so that they go up in smoke, to regain control of our lives and not be swayed by the world. The Holy Spirit finally will shine on us and our works are God's.